Everything I have been searching for

Amelia Zhou - Former Global HR VP of Philips Domestic Appliances

The power of awakening, the presence, the connection to one’s inner wisdom, and the purpose of encouraging others to be brilliant in their own lives, closely resonate with me. I have experienced several transformational moments in my life, from an entrepreneur to a corporate employee, from a China country HR Head to a global HR leader, from partnering with business leaders to leading the global function on leadership development programs for Philips. But why have I just kept going and the satisfaction and joy did not fully land in me? What do I want out of life? With these doubts in mind, I embarked on the MMS coaching training program. During the training I became more and more aware that I was changing from within. I began to embrace the unknown possibilities and build up more positive energy around me. Dr. Chérie is the most knowledgeable, pacesetter in coaching. I am glad to know that she is going to lead the TECC from China/Asia. A learning program led by her will be a journey of faith, trust and love.Use this area to describe the image or provide supporting information.
Everything I have been searching for

Embrace my dreams full on

Michelle Mueller Ihrig

Having coached with Dr. Chérie and then gone on to take the MMS Coach Training program in 2016 has been an absolute game changer in my life. I am in such immense gratitude for MMS and all I have learned and discovered since embarking on a journey inspired by them. Not only have I grown into the person I’ve been waiting to become, but I am also feeling highly empowered as I finally have the courage to tackle and embrace my dreams full on. I thank Dr. Chérie, Lynnie and Michael for the impact they have had on my life and made all the difference in me moving forward into my next chapter that I embrace with joy, knowing, grace and enthusiasm.

I am forever grateful

Dr. David King Keller Author, Entrepreneur, and Strategist

Whenever I sit down with a client, I always revert to my MMS training in 1975 to begin every session. That powerful experience trained me to hold my focus, attention, and intention throughout the session. Because of my MMS Executive Coach Training, I enter into an intentional space that allows me to approach every session with complete confidence, knowing that I can support the client in achieving their desirable outcome. No other training has given me the education, experience, and skillsets to approach every session with that same level of calm, mindful, and peaceful confidence. MMS has a very special quality that other training programs do not. MMS provides their students with not only phenomenal coaching skills but through their unique style of education, I was provided with a deep-seated belief that I could walk into any situation and produce a positive result. The personal development aspect augments the ICF Core Competencies in a profound way. I use my MMS skills in every aspect of my professional and personal life. I have a better, more loving relationship with my wife because of MMS. I have the internal self-esteem that comes from having helped thousands of people because of my training with Dr. Cherie Carter-Scott, Lynn Stewart, and Michael Pomije. Dr. Cherie has created an organization that has no match on the planet based on all of my research in US and abroad. I am forever grateful to you for the skills that you have imparted to me.

Immense value to my role as a senior leader

Christopher DeRosa

I thoroughly enjoyed and found the MMS Coach training of immense value to my role as a senior leader. As a senior leader you do not have all the answers and this program helped my ability to coach and draw the answer out of my team. It helps me create a safe and nurturing space for my team to think through issues and design solutions they have ownership of and are committed to delivering. One of the greatest benefits of the approach has been the trust it creates with my team and the empowerment they feel. All in all, a wonderful program.

Prepared to enter the world of professional coaching

Kathleen Mercier, HR Senior Leader Cigna Healthcare

Dr. Cherie’s MMS Coach Training fully prepared me to enter the world of professional coaching through her materials and invaluable hands-on experience. Her training materials are crisp and thorough, making it easy to understand the technical elements of coaching. Most importantly, the demonstrations and actual practice coaching removed my fear and made it possible to immediately begin coaching at the end of the course.

My life has transformed

Nuttawut, TRUE corporation

I am using all the coaching skills I received in the MMS Worldwide Institute's Executive Coach Training. True organization values coaching and my skills are appreciated and put to good use helping employees cope with the Covid situation, with transitions, and becoming leaders at TRUE Corporation. In this training, I grew exponentially. I learned to encourage, empower, to extend empathy to those who are serious about making a difference at TRUE and eliminating their challenges. I also discovered my capacity to show my talents in digital drawing to enhance creativity in the learning process...a passion of mine. In fact, I helped with TED talks with this skill and that also boosted my capability, confidence, and courage. I have branded myself, my niche, my coaching at TRUE corporation, and am now in addition an author of a very special children's book, Help Our Dearest Friends. My life has, in short transformed since taking MMS Coach Training and I am forever grateful! I recommend it to anyone anywhere who wants to take the best Coach Training.

The best Coach Training Program

Le Nhan Phuong CMB Foundation SE Asia SE Asia Regional Director of Equity Initiative

A colleague introduced me to “the best Coach Training program” that he knew of, which is the MMS Coaching Training. Looking back, this was the best choice for me – it turned out to be exactly what I wanted – and I am extremely happy with my learning and my experience. I have grown so much as a person, and, I am truly happy with the person that I am now. I believe the MMS Team has the right philosophy, the right approach, and most importantly, the right people!”

Returning value tenfold to our organization

Susan Ott, Senior Vice President, Growth & Marketing

An important attribute of the MMS Coaching Training was the time that Dr. Cherie and Michael dedicated throughout the training to personally introduce the MMS material, tools, practical advice and role play with us throughout the training. This greatly enhanced our virtual and in person learning environment. For that reason alone I believe the investment in the MMS Coaching Training is returning value tenfold to our organization. The training is affording me an outstanding opportunity to give back both professionally and personally to others. As a final observation I found the Executive Training’s practical advice and perspectives gratifyingly free of gender and professional background. I consider myself lucky to have had the opportunity to go through the MMS program and I can’t thank them enough. ”

Full of love, support and kindness


I am very grateful for having chosen the MMS programme and being able to learn from the best coaches. I feel in absolute alignment with the coaching approach that you teach. I find your expertise and sharing of approach to the clients so inspirational. Full of love, support and kindness. That is my aspiration as a coach and I believe that it’s possible thanks to the great example I am seeing from you, Dr Cherie.

Feelings of confidence, power and knowing

Doesje Fransen

Oh those feelings upon my MMS graduation! Those feelings of confidence, power and knowing! Such a contrast to the feelings I had when I started my MMS Coach Training. In fact, I was a bit lost. Just divorced, no job, single mum of three teenage kids, new fragile relationship. And I had no clue where to start my job hunting. One thing I knew: this MMS Coach Training would help me to get my life back on track and redefine my career. I had formulated clear objectives and I had only three months in which to achieve them. But…. I trusted the process and it worked! Thanks to Lynn, Manon, Wendy, Michael (those nice anger sessions in the woods) and of course Cherie who was my personal coach during my training. At the end of the training I made a declaration to the group: my mission, my truth and my future work path. I knew! And it did pay off. Within three months I found the job exactly how I described it. My new relationship started to flourish and my kids settled into themselves better. They however, had to get used to my questions: what’s the feeling? Because apart from my own journey, I learned how to coach, ask questions, and listen. I strongly recommend this training and I’m confident MMS can help you!

I am a confident coach, and a better person

Jeremy Teran, Executive and Leadership Coach

I was privileged to participate in MMS Coach Training, in 2019. The material was, and continues to be a valuable resource, but even more valuable was the opportunity to watch, and participate in, live coaching sessions. During MMS Coach Training, I was able to experience what transformative coaching looks like and practice it myself, with immediate feedback to give me the confidence I could leave training and serve clients immediately. I am a confident coach, and a better person, because of the experiences I had during MMS Coach Training!
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Tami Teixeira

AirB&B, Fall 2020

Patricia Arkenbout

I can hardly describe the impact MMS Coach Training has had on me! I started off feeling quite aware about a lot of things in my life and therefore a little frustrated that I wasn’t feeling in control about my own life. The MMS Coach Training provided so many tools to create a better version of myself. I feel very proud of myself to have chosen this wonderful coach training in my journey to get more in control of my own life and also to become a brilliant coach in the near future!

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The MMS TECC Coaching Training has given me powerful tools not only to become a life coach but also to carve my own path. I have discovered a lot about myself and have grown as a person through this experience. The most precious thing I’ve gained is what it means to truly love myself! Priceless!

Best decisions made in the past 12 months

Signing up to take part in the MMS TECC Coach Training is one of the best decisions I made in the past 12 months. My motivations for signing up were focused on self development and learning a new skill, I wasn't expecting to fall head over heels with coaching; within the first month of the course, the new awareness and skillset started to change my life for the better. I became more self-aware, my conversations and interactions with my friends and family improved, and I became more present in my day to day activities. The course is taught by two of the most authentic people that I have had the pleasure to come across in my life's journey; Dr Cherie Carter-Scott and Michael Pomije are truly masters in coaching, and are excellent teachers. For all their successes, they are incredibly humble and so giving. In my personal experience they have been super approachable, and have made the time to answer any questions outside of class, and where additional support has been required to guide or course correct my development, both have been readily available and this has made a tremendous difference. It's clear both Dr Cherie and Michael are dedicated to the success of their students. Dr Cherie has been coaching for 40+ years, and as a student in the MMS TECH class, we have the opportunity to watch her coach live, which is great for learning and understanding the skill of coaching, and the experience provides a blueprint for what coaching looks like when it's done to the master level. I've been fortunate to be coached by Dr Cherie, and by the end of the session felt as though I was elevated to a new more expansive state of being; I found the courage within me to pursue my ambitions that had been dormant for nearly two decades. This transformative experience shouldn't be underestimated, as so many people go through life with unfulfilled dreams, and a skillful coach with the right training can support the positive change in lives that is inextricably linked to purpose and happiness. It's clear that the course has been carefully and meticulously designed to cover all the important aspects of coaching and it goes beyond the requirements outlined by ICF, so the training is really robust. As a student each module builds upon the foundation that is set before new content is introduced, which lends itself to natural progression of the student. The training sets a gold standard, and ensures anyone who takes the programme is taught how to be an effective coach that will support their client in the correct and appropriate way. Since taking the course, after I grew confident from coaching with my peers, I started to offer coaching to my friends and colleagues at work to practice the skill further; the effect has been humbling. Even as a student of coaching the impact that I have had on those that I've coached has been huge, from the reduction of stress at work, to handling difficult friendship situations, to making difficult decisions about which educational path to pursue. My own life has improved since starting the course. I would wholeheartedly recommend anyone considering signing up to the course, to take the step and do it, the personal gains are far too great to be ignored.

Ju Majid

I came to TECC with an open heart and curiosity

I came to TECC with an open heart and curiosity to discover at a time when I felt I needed new learnings and new perspective in life. I have always been very passionate about coaching through my professional roles and wanted to deepen my understanding of the art. What surprised me most and by far the most profound discovery of it all is my deeper understanding of my SELF and my relationship with her. I had for long felt I was comfortable in my own skin, and the TECC training and the MMS teachings helped me to root that choice deeply and firmly into a foundation of self understanding and inner knowing. I would highly recommend this program to anyone who’s interested in better understanding themselves, and of course the coaching skills are just a bonus!