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September 2, 2022 to February 25, 2023
Virtual program delivery on Zoom

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Why Coaching Certification

Globally executive and business coaching has soared to become a $10-billion industry thanks to waves of uncertainties and disruption precipitated by rapid development in technology, rise of millennium workforce, globalization and rise of China. With command-and-control management style giving way to highly participative and empowering leadership, and best-known-methods to agile and adaptive learning, coaching will continue to gain appeal because it works for a VUCA world, intensified only by the 2020 Covid pandemic: Coaching deals with employee engagement, growth, creativity and achievement by removing roadblocks to development and performance as no other development tool.

In this context of coaching skills being a new currency for the 21st century workforce and a coaching approach or culture far transcending the needs of executives, coaching has been rated the top desired skill for front-line managers (Chief Learning Officer Magazine), and the demand for trained coaches operating both internally and externally has fueled the need for coaching certification programs. In the US alone, there are more than 200 coach certification programs, which helps make becoming a certified coach one of the most popular career shifts in the last decade.

Reasons for Attending

  • Transformative Intention and Design: Our MMS ACSTH Leader as Coach is designed to be transformative instead of transactional so we can confi dently give clients a reason for why us and deliver a superior participant experience through combining research in adult learning, decades of experience in having helped thousands of successful leaders and teams, and embodiment of coaching principles we teach.

  • “Best-in-Class” Trainer Caliber and Experience: Our lead trainer, Galina Kalinina, is an experienced executive who worked for the world’s largest tech company Booking Holding, has led medium and large teams of highly capable and motivated individuals, opened regional offi ces, and developed internal leadership programs and courses. Up till today Galina has +1,000 coaching hours under her belt and for the last 7 years she has been leading various leadership trainings and ACSTH programs in APAC.

  • Highest Standards and Superior Participant Value: Our MMS ACSTH Leader as Coach is an ACSTH program, standing out for its longest industry history of excellence and value, which is attested by raving participant reviews as quoted in this flyer.

Who Should Attend

  • Managers who realise that traditional command-and- control approach is not working.
  • Leaders who are looking for better ways to motivate their team.
  • Traditional managers and executives who want to sharpen their game.
  • Managers and senior leaders from global and local organizations.
  • Entrepreneurs and business owners.
  • People who are passionate about personal development, success of others and building a coaching culture.
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What does ACSTH stand for?

Program Overview

Our MMS ACSTH Leader as Coach is a 4-month intensive virtual ACSTH program. This program teaches masterful executive coaching, using the original MMS coaching methodology, coupled with the ICF Core Competencies, with the addition of the executive coaching context/ framework.

The approach is based on these 3 key assumptions:

  1. People have an “Inner Knowing” regarding what is right for them
  2. People possess the inner resources to manifest what they want in their lives
  3. People and organizations can have their lives be the way they truly want them.

Our TECC provides over 66 ICF-accredited training hours and presents 18 3-hour modules. There are also 10 mentoring sessions included (7 in group setting and 3 individual), along with a 6-month subscription to the Learning Management System with additional coaching videos by Dr. Carter-Scott. Supporting documents and videos will be accessible on our e-learning platform. After this training and the completion of 100 coaching hours, the candidate is then eligible to take the CKA (Coach Knowledge Assessment) Exam in order to receive their Level 1 Associate Certified Coach (ACC).

Benefits of Participation

  • “Safety and Permission” are the cornerstones of our training methods. Integrity, ethics, and confidentiality are the essence of who we are over a period of 4 months.

  • Designed for the professional who has limited time and desires maximum results, you get live Webinars – minimum time away from corporate leadership with focused and time-proven training techniques to produce optimal outcomes.

  • Customized for international and local professionals, differing styles, beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors are addressed to work most effectively in both East/West paradigms.

Program Content

  1. 1
    • Welcome Message from Dr. Cherie Carter Scott

    • About Dr. Chérie Carter-Scott

    • Leader as Coach ACSTH Coach Certification

    • MMS Level 1 Coach Training - Leader as Coach Schedule

    • MMS ACSTH Level 1 Course Syllabus Outline

    • 18 Modules Descriptions

    • FAQ For MMS CT Booklet

  2. 2
    • MMS Transformational Executive Coach Certification (TECC) Coach Training - Level 1

    • MMS VOIP Netiquette and Requirements for Webinars

    • MMS ICF Level 1 Coach Certification Online Training Communication Guidelines

    • MMS Internal and External Written and Verbal Communications

    • What is ACSTH?

    • How to Succeed in this course

    • MMS Assumptions

    • Making up missed sessions

    • How does the student find the coachees to coach and practice?

    • How to become MMS ICF Certified Coach

    • Steps to become an ICF ACC Coach after the graduation with MMS

    • MMS and ICF Coaching Definition

    • ICF Core Competencies 2020 vs 2021

    • Differences between ACSTH and ACTP

    • Difference between ACC and PCC

    • What kind of homework will I be working on?

    • MMS VOIP Netiquette and Requirements for Webinars

  3. 3
    • Wheel of Preference

    • The Mentoring Map

    • Important Information on Mentor Coaching

    • 1.1 ACC.Mentor-Coaching Feedback form.2020

    • 3.0 - 3.1 ICF Client Coaching Log Template & Instructions for ICF Client Coaching Log

    • 4. Comparison of MMS ICF Core Competencies_2018

    • 5. ICF Client Referral to Therapy

    • 7. Introductory Chemistry Session Checklist

    • 3.2 ICF Competencies Levels Table

    • 1. Former ICF Core Competencies

    • 0. ICF New 2019 Competency Model

  4. 4
    • #1 Submit your full Mentor-Coach Feedback form

    • #2 Submit your full Mentor-Coach Feedback form

    • #3 Submit your full Mentor-Coach Feedback form

    • #4 Submit your full Mentor-Coach Feedback form

    • #5 Submit your full Mentor-Coach Feedback form

    • FINAL Evaluation - Submit Your Full Mentor-Coach Feedback Form

  5. 5
    • Module 1 Overview of the Coaching

    • MMS Mentor Coach List by Languages

    • ACSTH Path inside ACTP Module Titles for Students

    • Outline of Course

    • Daily Journal Keeping

    • Weekly Report Writing

  6. 6
    • Module 2: The World Changed… Why is Coaching Relevant

    • Personal Development Assignment Modules #1 & #2

  7. 7
    • Module 3: Chemistry Session, Coaching Agreement & Coaching Mindset

    • Re: Chemistry Session

    • Ethical Guidelines Agreement For Clients

    • ICF Code of Ethics 2020

    • Introductory Chemistry Session Checklist

  8. 8
    • Module 4 - The Importance of Goals

    • Personal Development Assignment Modules #3 & #4

    • 1. Chemistry Session

    • 2. Coaching Agreement

    • New Student Common Mistakes

  9. 9
    • Module 5 Why Coaching is so Effective

    • Breaking Old Habits

    • Yeah But Merry Go Round

  10. 10
    • Module 6: Evoking Awareness, The Grow Model

    • Personal Development Assignment Modules #5 & #6

  11. 11
    • Module 7: Methods and Theories Contributing to Coaching

  12. 12
    • Module 8: Co-Creating the Relationship: ICF-Trust & Safety, “EI” Judgments, Feelings, & Communication

    • Personal Development Assignment Modules #7 & #8

  13. 13
    • Module 9: ICF- Communicating Effectively: Listens Actively, and Quiet Mind

  14. 14
    • Module 10: ICF Ethical Guidelines, Embodies a Coaching Mindset

    • Personal Development Assignment Modules #9 & #10

    • ICF Code of Ethics 2020 for Tonight's Module #10

  15. 15
    • Module 11: ICF - Cultivating Learning & Growth

  16. 16
    • 12. MMS ACTP.The PCC.Markers.#12.3 Slidesup

    • Personal Development Assignment Modules #11 & #12

  17. 17
    • Module 14: Sub-Personalities

    • Personal Development Assignment Module #13 & #14

  18. 18
    • Module 13: Negaholism, Choice vs. Decision & Managing Beliefs

  19. 19
    • Module 15: When to Refer a Client, (ICF)

    • ICF Client Referral to Therapy June 2018

    • ICF When to Refer a Client

  20. 20
    • Module 16: ICF Information & Coaching Specialties

  21. 21
    • Module 17: ICF CKA = Preparing for Coach Knowledge Assessment

  22. 22
    • Transformational Life Coaching - Chapter 1

    • Transformational Life Coaching - Chapter 2

    • Transformational Life Coaching - Chapter 3

    • Transformational Life Coaching - Chapter 4

    • Transformational Life Coaching - Chapter 5

    • Transformational Life Coaching - Chapter 6

    • Transformational Life Coaching - Chapter 7

    • Transformational Life Coaching - Chapter 8

    • Transformational Life Coaching - Chapter 9

    • Transformational Life Coaching - Chapter 10

    • If Success is a Game Audio-book

    • Negaholics

  23. 23
    • Module 18: Living Life as a Coach (Celebrating You!)

    • Personal Development Assignment Modules #38

  24. 24
    • Transformational Life Coaching Ebook

    • Mainstream Mindfulness Ebook

    • Become One: Ebook

    • Negaholics--E-Book

Coach Trainers

Leadership Coach, Master Facilitator, Mentor and Inspirational Speaker

Galina Kalinina, PCC

I’m a Certified PCC ICF coach with extensive experience in the corporate world that helps clients shift from good to great. As an Executive Presence, Executive Communication and EQ Leadership Coach I’ll Help You boost your career, your performance and maximize your potential.

Prior to coaching, I gained extensive experience working for the world’s largest tech company Booking Holding, have led medium and large teams of highly capable and motivated individuals, opened regional offices, and developed leadership programs and courses.

Coach, Mentor Trainer, facilitator

Lenka Willems

Since September 2021, as a certified ACC ICF coach based out of Switzerland, I am working with people across multiple countries in Europe. I am primarily helping women in corporate careers settle into their new roles with ease, calm, and confidence.

As a Confidence, Professional Development and Mental Fitness Coach, I help my clients tap into their inner power to be able to go through any challenges ahead, feel relaxed and joyful while doing so and maintain healthy work-life-balance.

About MMS Institute

MMS Worldwide Institute is a boutique-Global organization that founded in San Francisco by Dr. Cherie Carter-Scott, on October 15, 1974. Dr. Cherie is a New York Time #1 bestselling author of: If Life is a Game, These are the Rules. With a 47+ year track record of successfully training coaches, managing change projects, consulting Fortune 500 companies, and coaching C-suite executives through successful careers, MMS Worldwide Institute is a pioneer in the field of human development. MMS has demonstrated vision, professionalism, integrity, constancy, with a profound “wholistic” approach to executive development, that includes all functional people in any profession.

Program Schedule

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We look forward to our Intake to get to know you and discover your program objectives.