"Why" Professionals Would Choose to Attend

All of the ICF interpersonal skills required for 2020-21 and beyond are taught in this efficient and effective course. To live in a VUCA (Volatile Uncertain Complex, and Uncertain) world you are required to know how to be fully mindful, 100% present, flexible yet certain, connected and clear, resilient and agile. These are skills that are not only taught, they are also coached.

Who Ideally will benefit

CEO's who want to empower, engage and enlighten colleagues; HR professionals who want to be more effective, efficient, and energized in the execution of their jobs, and IT professionals who want to develop their EQ leadership. Real-life is different from made-up scenarios. In our training, you will experience the authentic, honest, true challenges that CEOs, C-suite executives, Directors, Senior HR Professionals, and high-level managers encounter daily and must resolve in order to be at optimum performance.

Program Overview

Designed for the executive who has limited time and desires maximum results, we offer live Webinars. Minimum time away from corporate leadership with focused and time-proven teaching techniques to produce optimum outcomes.
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What does ACTP stand for?

What You'll Be Learning During This Course

Transformational Executive Coach Certification
(TECC - ACTP Path)


    Dates: Nov 5th, 2021 — Apr 9th, 2022
    Time: CST Fri & Sat at 3:45 PM -7:00 PM
    ACTP 125-hour accredited Coach Training Online


    ACSTH Track: Total 125 training hours.
    100-hours on Zoom + 25 hours Resource Development (homework).
    You must attend all 34 Modules.

  • Online Live Sessions

    7 Group Mentoring sessions + 3 one-on-one private mentoring sessions. 6 MP3 recorded feedback sessions + 1 final coaching evaluation


  • You want the best training on earth

  • You want to be the best coach you can possibly be

  • You discover your ability to coach as your authentic self

  • You unblock your potential to serve and support others

  • You develop your confidence and courage from the inside out

  • You learn the technology of choice

  • You experience a new coaching community instantly

  • You grow your coaching skills to bridge to Life Mastery

  • You have new tools for interpersonal relationships

  • You have heightened awareness to apply to your entire life time

"The moment I met Chérie, I felt a special connection and I thought: she can teach me some things that are important for me to learn. So I took the MMS Coach Training, which exceeded my allready high expectations. I learnt a lot about myself, got rid of a couple of major limiting beliefs and learnt to be an effective coach, able to empower others. I use my newly acquired skills in my businesses, in my family and in every aspect of my life, wherever I find it appropriate to use them. What I especially like about Cherie and Lynn is that they really practice what they preach. This illustrates the power of their philosophy. I can highly recommend this course to anyone, regardless whether you want to become a professional coach, change jobs or just want to get better at what you are already doing."

Rolan Slot
Founder, Aberkyn Change Leadership Partners

Dr. Chérie Talking About Coaching


Globally recognized for its effectiveness, executive coaching has become one of the most heavily invested tools in leadership development among the world’s leading organizations. Increasingly companies are embracing a coaching culture to increase engagement, retention, and enhanced performance. The value of the external coach is now widely lauded as executives are able to utilize the agenda-free relationship to examine the targeted areas for personal and professional development in a safe forum.

Benefits to Attendees

  • Heightened awareness

  • Enhanced listening skills

  • Executive presence & gravitas

  • Partner more effectively with others

  • Deeper conversations

  • Increased confidence in decision-making

  • Develop your empathy and compassion

  • Fast track development of future leaders

  • Development of team members as leaders

  • Courage to show up, step up, speak up and stand in your truth


Master Certified Coach and Trainer

Dr. Cherie Carter-Scott

Dr. Chérie Carter-Scott, “The Mother of Coaching” is a behavioral scientist, executive MCC coach (ICF) with 46 years of experience helping C-suite executives, achieve maximum effectiveness. Dr. Carter-Scott is the original coach, coach trainer-founder of MMS Institute conducting MMS Coach Trainings since 1974. Her #1 New York Times Best Selling book, If Life is a Game, These are the Rules, in 40 countries (over 4 millions copies sold). Transformational Life Coaching and 18 other titles. She has appeared on Oprah, has worked in over 30 countries, executive produced LEAP, the coaching documentary, and her musical, The Workshop, A Dress Rehearsal for Life! was produced in 2019.

PCC Coach Trainer and Mentor

Michael A. Pomije

Michael A. Pomije, PCC is the Global Director for business negotiations with MMS Worldwide Institute, LLC (2000) and the Managing Director for Motivation Coaching Service, Ltd in Thailand since 2013. He has been training, coaching, and facilitating programs for over 25 years and delivers the MMS Executive Coach Training accredited through ICF at the highest level to deliver the ACTP and ACSTH programs. He is also an ICF Mentor for his clients that want to move from an ACC to PCC status. Coach Michael believes that through coaching and training, people can learn how to transform themselves into powerful individuals, discovering their passion, and maintaining balance in their personal and professional lives. He brings a wealth of experience to his coaching practice to support executives in their management roles, performance and team coaching, work life balance, and time management.

What graduates say about the program

Everything I have been searching for

Amelia Zhou - Former Global HR VP of Philips Domestic Appliances

The power of awakening, the presence, the connection to one’s inner wisdom, and the purpose of encouraging others to be brilliant in their own lives, closely resonate with me. I have experienced several transformational moments in my life, from an entrepreneur to a corporate employee, from a China country HR Head to a global HR leader, from partnering with business leaders to leading the global function on leadership development programs for Philips. But why have I just kept going and the satisfaction and joy did not fully land in me? What do I want out of life? With these doubts in mind, I embarked on the MMS coaching training program. During the training I became more and more aware that I was changing from within. I began to embrace the unknown possibilities and build up more positive energy around me. Dr. Chérie is the most knowledgeable, pacesetter in coaching. I am glad to know that she is going to lead the TECC from China/Asia. A learning program led by her will be a journey of faith, trust and love.Use this area to describe the image or provide supporting information.

I am forever grateful

Dr. David King Keller Author, Entrepreneur, and Strategist

Whenever I sit down with a client, I always revert to my MMS training in 1975 to begin every session. That powerful experience trained me to hold my focus, attention, and intention throughout the session. Because of my MMS Executive Coach Training, I enter into an intentional space that allows me to approach every session with complete confidence, knowing that I can support the client in achieving their desirable outcome. No other training has given me the education, experience, and skillsets to approach every session with that same level of calm, mindful, and peaceful confidence. MMS has a very special quality that other training programs do not. MMS provides their students with not only phenomenal coaching skills but through their unique style of education, I was provided with a deep-seated belief that I could walk into any situation and produce a positive result. The personal development aspect augments the ICF Core Competencies in a profound way. I use my MMS skills in every aspect of my professional and personal life. I have a better, more loving relationship with my wife because of MMS. I have the internal self-esteem that comes from having helped thousands of people because of my training with Dr. Cherie Carter-Scott, Lynn Stewart, and Michael Pomije. Dr. Cherie has created an organization that has no match on the planet based on all of my research in US and abroad. I am forever grateful to you for the skills that you have imparted to me.

Prepared to enter the world of professional coaching

Kathleen Mercier, HR Senior Leader Cigna Healthcare

Dr. Cherie’s MMS Coach Training fully prepared me to enter the world of professional coaching through her materials and invaluable hands-on experience. Her training materials are crisp and thorough, making it easy to understand the technical elements of coaching. Most importantly, the demonstrations and actual practice coaching removed my fear and made it possible to immediately begin coaching at the end of the course.

Immense value to my role as a senior leader

Christopher DeRosa

I thoroughly enjoyed and found the MMS Coach training of immense value to my role as a senior leader. As a senior leader you do not have all the answers and this program helped my ability to coach and draw the answer out of my team. It helps me create a safe and nurturing space for my team to think through issues and design solutions they have ownership of and are committed to delivering. One of the greatest benefits of the approach has been the trust it creates with my team and the empowerment they feel. All in all, a wonderful program.

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