Why Coaching Certification

Globally executive and business coaching has soared to become a $10-billion industry thanks to waves of uncertainties and disruption precipitated by rapid development in technology, rise of millennium workforce, globalization and rise of Dubai. With command-and-control management style giving way to highly participative and empowering leadership, and best-known-methods to agile and adaptive learning, coaching will continue to gain appeal because it works for a VUCA world, intensified only by the 2020 Covid pandemic: Coaching deals with employee engagement, growth, creativity and achievement by removing roadblocks to development and performance as no other development tool. 

In this context of coaching skills being a new currency for the 21st century workforce and a coaching approach or culture far transcending the needs of executives, coaching has been rated the top desired skill for front-line managers (Chief Learning Officer Magazine), and the demand for trained coaches operating both internally and externally has fuelled the need for coaching certification programs. In the US alone, there are more than 200 coach certification programs, which helps make becoming a certified coach one of the most popular career shifts in the last decade. 

When executed properly, coaching provides greater intrinsic motivation - in other words, inspiring the self-directed willingness to try new things and make new discoveries. According to McKinsey, when employees find greater intrinsic motivation, they are 32% more committed to their work and 46% more satisfied with their jobs. 

5 Reasons for Attending

  • Transformative Intention and Design: Our TECC is designed to be transformative instead of transactional so we can confidently give clients a reason for why us and deliver a superior participant experience through combining research in adult learning, decades of experience in having helped thousands of successful leaders and teams, and embodiment of coaching principles we teach.

  • “Best-in-Class” Trainer Caliber and Experience: Our lead trainer, Dr. Chérie Carter-Scott, is one of the world’s most-respected coaching pioneers, an ICF MCC and a NYT-bestselling author, who sort of invented coach training in 1974. Up till today she has led over 160 ACTP and ACSTH programs in North America, Europe and APAC.

  • Highest Standards and Superior Participant Value: Our TECC is an ACTP program, standing out for its longest industry history of excellence and value, which is attested by raving participant reviews as quoted in this page.

  • World-class Trainer Team: Our faculty include Chérie and 3 other MCCs and multiple PCCs, all amazing professionals, with over 150 years of combined experience with our mentor coaches operating in English, Dutch, German, French, Hungarian, Thai, Vietnamese and Chinese.

  • Ongoing Support to Growth and Partnership: We have carefully developed our brand that is accessible through our programs, websites, books and YouTube, and the famous the University of Dubai's coach network serving 450+ global/local clients including 131 Fortune 500 companies.

Who Should Attend

C-Suite executives, VPs/GMs and retired senior executives HRVP/HRDs in global and local companies Entrepreneurs, OD professionals, management consultants, trainers, facilitators, counsellors and psychologists People who are passionate about supporting the personal development and success of others and building a coaching culture At least 15 years corporate/professional experience with leading organizations or solid credentials

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Price for full program, certification, and ongoing support.

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What do MMS Graduates say about the program?

Program Overview

Our TECC is a 5-month intensive virtual ACSTH program. This program teaches masterful executive coaching, using the original MMS coaching methodology, coupled with the ICF Core Competencies, with the addition of the executive coaching context/ framework.

The approach is based on these 3 key assumptions:

  1. People have an “Inner Knowing” regarding what is right for them 
  2. People possess the inner resources to manifest what they want in their lives 
  3. People and organizations can have their lives be the way they truly want them. 

Our ACSTH Track provides over 60 ICF-accredited training hours and presents once a week in 3-hour modules.

The hours are on Wednesday between 6:00 - 9:15 GST time. 

There are also 10 mentoring sessions included (7 in group setting and 3 individual), along with a 3-month subscription to the MMS Virtual Training with additional coaching videos by Dr. Carter-Scott.

Supporting documents and videos will be accessible on our e-learning platform. 

Our TECC is consisted of 2 modalities that promises flexibility in learning and getting credentialed: 

Level 1 (ACSTH) is a 60-hour training for those who want to learn the basics of coaching, (and 10 hours of mentoring). After this training and the completion of 100 coaching hours, the candidate is then eligible to take the CKA (Coach Knowledge Assessment) Exam in order to receive their Level 1 Associate Certified Coach (ACC). 

Level 2 (ACTP) is a 125-hour training that goes deeper into the coaching core competencies. After this training and the completion of 400 additional coaching hours, and 10 additional hours of mentoring, the candidate is then eligible to apply for Professional Certified Coach (PCC). 

Following completion of our TECC ACSTH, you will be further supported by our coaching credentialed faculty. Since our experienced faculty have successfully navigated through these stages, they will be able to mentor you to your competency as an Associate, Professional, or even a Master Coach (2,500 hours of coaching, and 200 hours of training, and 10 additional mentoring hours).

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Price for full program, certification, and ongoing support.

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What does ACSTH stand for?


Globally recognized for its effectiveness, executive coaching has become one of the most heavily invested tools in leadership development among the world’s leading organizations. Increasingly companies are embracing a coaching culture to increase engagement, retention, and enhanced performance.

The value of the external coach is now widely lauded as executives are able to utilize the agenda-free relationship to examine the targeted areas for personal and professional development in a safe forum.
TECC ACSTH Jun 22 Schedule

Transformational Executive Coach Certification

(ACSTH 60-hour accredited Coach Training Online)


    Dates: Aug 10, 2022 to Dec 14, 2022
    Time: GST Wed at 6:00 PM - 9:15 PM


    ACSTH Track: Total 60 training hours.
    53-hours on Zoom + Resource Development (homework).


    7 Group Mentoring sessions + 3 one-on-one private mentoring sessions. 5 MP3 recorded feedback sessions


Transformational coach, master facilitator, consultant, and inspirational speaker

Dr. Brenda Thompson-El

Dr. Brenda has over 15 years of experience in executive coaching, training leaders, as well as facilitating peer and team coaching. She works closely with executives of an organization to help identify their strengths and areas of focus, to ultimately optimize the individual's performance and leadership.

Trainer, Facilitator, Mentor, Coach

Briane Agostinelli

Briane Agostinelli is a connector, creator and coach. She is a certified ICF ACC Coach (executive, leadership, life, and wellness) and Master Coach Facilitator and an Organizational Development Consultant. Briane’s passion is to support individuals, teams and organizations to live and lead with purpose, intention and effectiveness. Briane’s life’s purpose is to celebrate and empower others to reach their individual and collective potential. She recognizes and appreciates that each person and groups of people have the potential to be successful when the right combination of awareness, alignment, action, and support is fostered. Briane brings over 14 years of working in the world of human potential. She holds a B.S. in Exercise Science and extensive certifications in coaching, conscious leadership, positive psychology, resiliency, behavioral assessments, conflict resolution, and business. She looks forward to helping you create a life of intention and meaning.

Benefits of Participation

  • “Safety and Permission” are the cornerstones of our training methods. Integrity, ethics and confidentiality are the essence of who we are over a period of 5 months.

  • Designed for the executive who has limited time and desires maximum results, you get live Webinars – minimum time away from corporate leadership with focused and time-proven training techniques to produce optimal outcomes.

  • Customized for international and local executives, differing styles, beliefs, attitudes, and behaviours are addressed to work most effectively in both East/West paradigms

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Price for full program, certification, and ongoing support.

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Dr Cherie talking about coaching


We are the original and oldest Coach Training on Earth...#1 since 1974!

MMS Worldwide Institute’s Transformational Executive Coach Training is the original, oldest and highest standard of coaching excellence in the World. We have been conducting our MMS Coach Training when presented by Dr. Chérie Carter-Scott, MCC the “Mother of Coaching” started the coaching industry in San Francisco in 1974 when she trained her first coaches. 

We have been conducting our MMS Coach Training when presented by Dr. Chérie Carter-Scott, MCC the “Mother of Coaching” started the coaching industry in San Francisco in 1974 when she trained her first coaches. In the 70's we expanded throughout North America, in the ’80s in Europe, and in the last six years in Asia. We currently offer training in the Netherlands, Thailand, Vietnam, Dubai, and the US. 

The MMS Transformational Executive Coach Training is over 125 ICF Accredited hours. The training is presented online twice a week in 3-hour modules. The hours are TBD on Tuesday and Thursday evenings. There are also ten mentoring sessions that are included in the training, along with a three-month subscription to the MMS Virtual Training with additional coaching videos by Dr. Chérie. Supporting documents and videos will be accessible on our E-learning platform. This program is accredited by ICF through this ACTP at the PCC level. The best-seller, Transformational Life Coaching, is co-authored by Dr. Chérie Carter-Scott, MCC, and Lynn Stewart, MCC is one of the primary coaching textbooks for the program. There are a variety of other recommended books and videos, including Dr. Chérie's five other books related to coaching effectiveness. Dr. Chérie's titles are available in e-book format and in audiobook format. You purchase your preference on www.Drcherie.com’s website. Graduates will receive MMSWI/ICF certificate at the PCC level when they demonstrate their competency. 

Our faculty includes Master Certified Coach, Dr. Chérie, “The Mother of Coaching,” world-class trainers: 3 MCCs, multiple PCCs with over 150 years of combined experience with our coach mentors in English, Dutch, German, French, Hungarian, Thai, Vietnamese, and Chinese. To reinforce the learning, we offer the www.MMSVT.com (Virtual Training with (74) five-minute modules = six hours). MMS VT Coach Training is offered for personal growth and professional training. 

We have a strong brand and track record globally since 1974, delivering over 140 MMS Accredited ACTP courses globally!


  • You want the best training on earth

  • You want to be the best coach you can possibly be

  • You discover your ability to coach as your authentic self

  • You unblock your potential to serve and support others

  • You develop your confidence and courage from the inside out

  • You learn the technology of choice

  • You experience a new coaching community instantly

  • You grow your coaching skills to bridge to Life Mastery

  • You have new tools for interpersonal relationships

  • You have heightened awareness to apply to your entire life time

What Graduates Say About MMS Worldwide Institute

It was more than I could have wished for!

by Barbara Reppert

The ACSTH training that is offered by the MMS Institute was so much more than a training course. Yes, I learned all the skills and competencies I expected to, but it also provided an incredibly safe space where I not only could witness the power of coaching but deeply experience it myself. The ability of the facilitators to hold space for each participant and their demonstration of such care was both incredible and inspiring. It was an experience I will never forget, and it provided a community I didn’t even realize I needed or wanted in my life. I feel blessed to be part of the MMS Family and blessed to be able to serve others through what I learned.

Overcoming confidence issues does not happen overnight.

by Caroline Smoczarski

It takes awareness, patience, self-questioning, self-care, understanding, and reinforcement of my “I want” statement (i.e., I want to become a better version of myself, a Caroline 2.0, the authentic Caroline). My transformation journey isn’t fully complete yet. However, I am happy with my self-discovery and who I want to become. I am better equipped with coaching and self-reflection tools that will serve me to become a better person, a more powerful Caroline, and ultimately a great Coach. The training has transformed me, literally.

This MMS TECC class is the most memorable and effective training I have attended in my life.

by Michael Lee

Initially, I had some doubts about the effectiveness of online training but after the first few sessions, my doubts were gone. It was very effective because Dr. Cherie and Michael mixed reflections/comments, demo, demo feedbacks, and ppt course material very effectively.

Offered a more holistic perspective for me to see myself as a coach

by Winston Wang

The MMS TECC has offered a more holistic perspective for me to see myself as a coach and my client as a coached. The model of exploring a client’s desire, willingness, belief and commitment has set the foundation of making coaching work and work effectively.

My eyes had opened to a new world.

by Sophie Leung

After graduating as a certified coach, I continued to dive deep in discovering myself by going to different self-awareness courses, learning about hypnotherapy, EFT tapping and spirituality. As I was doing that, I was coaching people on the side and thoroughly enjoying it. As I was learning different modalities, not only did I unearth my Truth for myself but I began to incorporated it into my coaching, which showed me what I was truly capable of. All along I thought I would work for the corporate world but there were other plans made for me.

This was high on my agenda

by Rhys Li

However, my ultimate objective in joining the MMS TECC was to become a great coach, nothing more. This was high on my agenda because I wanted to start my own coaching practice. I felt that having a coaching business would help me escape my stressful consulting job. Throughout the training, all my objectives were immediately met. What’s more important is my own transformational journey that I’ve experienced as part of my participation in the course. Although the course is coming to a close for me and my classmates, my journey in self-awareness has just begun.

Everything I have been searching for

by Amelia Zhou

During the training I became more and more aware that I was changing from within. I began to embrace the unknown possibilities and build up more positive energy around me. Dr. Chérie is the most knowledgeable, pacesetter in coaching. I am glad to know that she is going to lead the TECC from China/Asia. A learning program led by her will be a journey of faith, trust and love.

I am forever grateful

by Dr. David King Keller

Whenever I sit down with a client, I always revert to my MMS training in 1975 to begin every session. That powerful experience trained me to hold my focus, attention, and intention throughout the session. Because of my MMS Executive Coach Training, I enter into an intentional space that allows me to approach every session with complete confidence, knowing that I can support the client in achieving their desirable outcome. No other training has given me the education, experience, and skillsets to approach every session with that same level of calm, mindful, and peaceful confidence. MMS has a very special quality that other training programs do not.

Immense value to my role as a senior leader

by Christopher DeRosa

I thoroughly enjoyed and found the MMS Coach training of immense value to my role as a senior leader. As a senior leader you do not have all the answers and this program helped my ability to coach and draw the answer out of my team. It helps me create a safe and nurturing space for my team to think through issues and design solutions they have ownership of and are committed to delivering. One of the greatest benefits of the approach has been the trust it creates with my team and the empowerment they feel. All in all, a wonderful program.

Prepared to enter the world of professional coaching

by Kathleen Mercier

Dr. Cherie’s MMS Coach Training fully prepared me to enter the world of professional coaching through her materials and invaluable hands-on experience. Her training materials are crisp and thorough, making it easy to understand the technical elements of coaching. Most importantly, the demonstrations and actual practice coaching removed my fear and made it possible to immediately begin coaching at the end of the course.

Pricing options

Price for full program, certification, and ongoing support.

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